Recommended Tools

Through experience, we have found there are several kinds of tools that aid in automated functional testing. Below you will find a list of those we have found most helpful.

Tool Categories

  1. Gherkin IDE
  2. Version Control / Bash Terminal
  3. Web Debugging Proxy

Gherkin IDE

VS Code

An Integrated Development Environment that supports Gherkin syntax is essential. By supports, we mean it color codes Gherking syntax and can auto-format your test scripts.

We highly recommend Visual Studio Code:

Gherkin Plugin

We also recommend you use the Cucumber (Gherkin) Full Support VS Code extension to aid in formatting and autocompletion. You can read more about the extensiont at

Version Control / Bash Terminal


Git is our version control tool of choice. Additionally, if you are using Windows, the Git installation comes with a BASH emulation terminal that serves as a user-friendly alternative to the Windows command prompt.

You can download the Git installation at

Web Debugging Proxy


There may be times when you need a debugging proxy on your local machine. You can use such a tool to add HTTP headers and inspect requests. For Windows machines, we recommend Fiddler by Telerik. You can download this software for free at


If you are working on a Linux machine, we recommend using Portswigger’s Burp Proxy. You can download the community edition free at