I should see the following list/errors:

Verifies that the page contains all of the specified texts. This step is simply an alias of I should see all of the texts: that accepts multiple columns of texts. Note that this step may sometimes fail if any of the texts are split across multiple elements (e.g. parts of a text are styled individually using multiple <span></span> elements).


^(?:|I )should see the following(?:| errors| list):$



Data Table Columns

This step’s data table may have multiple columns. Ultimately, the data table will be processed one row at the time, one cell at the time. The page will be searched for the contents of each cell and this step will fail on the first cell contents that could not be found.

Each cell may include variables.


Given I am on the "home" page
Then I should see the following list:
    | # | Task         | Assignee   | Status      |
    | 1 | Wireframes   | John Smith | in progress |
    | 2 | Landing Page | Mike Trout | completed   |
    | 3 | SEO tags     | Loblab Dan | failed qa   |

Note that the first row above IS NOT interpreted as a table header. It is simply searched for in the page like all the other rows.