The pages.json file allows the user to define page names to be used in Gherkin steps along with the pages’ corresponding URLs. These URLs should only include the portion of the web address that comes after the URLs defined in environments.json.


    "home": "/",
    "basicform": "basic-first-form-demo.html",
    "table-sort": "table-sort-search-demo.html"

Relation to environments.json

As mentiond before, environments.json contains a base URL of application being tested for each of its environments.

The pages.json file contains the portion of each page’s URL that follows the environment URLs. The names assigned to each page URL are used in the Gherkin steps for navigating to different pages and verifying that redirections and navigations were performed correctly.

For example, given an environments.json file with the following content:

    "test": ""

and a pages.json file with this content:

    "prods": "/products"

The Gherkin step When I go to the "prods" page would cause the browser to navigate to