Accessibility Report

The accessibility report is an HTML file complete with charts, summary statistics, and granular reporting on on all accessibility findings produced by the I test the page for accessibility step.


The accessibility report generates a beautiful HTML report. The format is tailored to export nicely to PDF, but does not import well into Word.

The report displays the project name in the upper left-hand corner, total issues by impact level in the upper right-hand corner, and the date of test execution below those statistics.

Next, it provides 2 charts: the left chart shows total violation issues vs. issues needing review; the right chart shows the number of issues per each violation level found. Issues needing review are issues that the Axe accessibility scanner could not determine to definitively pass or fail a certain test.

After the charts, meta data about the project and accessibility scan/scanner shown.

  • App Version: the appVersion you set in settings.json
  • OS: the operating system the test was ran on
  • Environment: either the defaultEnvironment you set in settings.json or the command-line arguments -e or --environment
  • Browser: the browser driver selected by driver in settings.json
  • Axe Version: the version of the axe-core API kosher is using
  • Rule Sets: Axe tags specified by ruleSets
  • Threshold: the minimum severity level any finding must be before kosher fails the I test the page for accessibility step; this is defined by impactThreshold

The final section of the report groups findings into the following hiearchy (from most general to most specific):

  • pages scanned
  • rules enforced on pages
  • elements found violating rules

The following information is provided for each element found to violate a rule:

  • CSS query that will find that specific element
  • HTML excerpt of that element
  • Suggested fixes to bring the element into compliance with the rule

For the *.feature file:

Feature: Test Kosher's Accessibility Scanning

   This feature tests Kosher's use of the Axe-Core API
   to scan pages for Accessibility issues.

   Scenario: Scan a page.
        Given I am on the "bar-chart" page
        And I test the page for accessibility
    Scenario: Scan another page
        Given I am on the "pie-chart" page
        And I test the page for accessibility

The accessibility report would look similar to this:

accessibility report