I fill in the following:

Fill in multiple fields with a single step.


^(?:|I )fill in the following:$



Data Table Columns

Column Position Description Value Type Restrictions
1 field to be filled field id/name/label/selector Must refer to a text-based field, radio button, checkbox, or select.
2 value string/boolean/variables If the field is a radio button, value must be either true or false (meaning checked or unchecked, respectively).


When I fill in the following:
    | First Name     | John |
    | Middle Initial | D    |
    | Last Name      | Doe  |
And fill in the following:
    | cb_receive_mailings        | true                                    |
    | age                        | 34                                      |
    | How did you hear about us? | My friend Joe gave me your web address. |